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If you have technical inclinations, there’s never been a better time to be a Philadelphia resident. The city is full of high-tech employment opportunities looking for folks with the right skill sets, but to get in on the action and find the perfect gig, it’s crucial to have an idea of which professions are hot. Knowing about the most promising tech careers in Philadelphia gives you guidance on training and points you toward high paychecks and a rewarding work environment. When you have a line of which tech careers can set you up for life, you have control over your life.


Our guide has the details that help you find the perfect tech gig. In this article, we look at tech jobs that are in top demand and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. These professions will keep your brain engaged and your wallet full. You’ll get info on jobs like mobile developer, data engineer, UX/UI developer, and web programmer. And we compare local salaries with the national averages provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and let you know what training makes you a competitive job candidate. With our help, your future training and job searches are sure to be triumphant.


Mobile Developer


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Build the apps that run the world.


The mobile device in your pocket might seem innocuous, but that little rectangle packs an enormous punch and has made a massive impact on the business landscape. Mobile phones and tablets are everywhere, and they have apps for just about any purpose. The folks who have the know-how to design and program those apps are in high demand in Philly and bring in top paychecks. Mobile developers in the city earn an average of $93K a year, which is $12K lower than the national average wage but similar after adjusting for local expenses.


To qualify for a mobile developer position, it’s essential to get a solid programming foundation down cold. Get familiar with the most popular programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and  CSS. And focus on mobile-friendly languages as well—study Objective-C, C#, and Java, for starters. To gain experience, engage in some independent projects. Doing so demonstrates your dedication and gets you familiar with the cycles involved in software development.


Data Engineer


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Wanna help guide your company’s future? Learn how to control the data.


Data is everywhere, flying around and providing all sorts of vital info about every person walking around the city. If businesses want to break out from the pack and succeed, they require an effective strategy for working with and analyzing that data to gain a better understanding of market needs and underserved niches. Data engineers build infrastructure to capture, move, and store that data. Philadelphia data engineers make about $93K a year on average, and that’s a healthy $3k above the national wage rate.


Your main areas of study when training to be a data engineer are database administration and networking. MapReduce, SQL, Hive, and machine learning all come in handy. You can get network training through one of certification training programs run by industry leaders Cisco and Sun. And don’t skimp on your operating system training, as you work with Windows, MacOS, and Linux as part of your duties.


UX/UI Developer


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Design apps and sites that enhance the customer experience.


Apps and websites continue to change and become easier to navigate as the years pass, and that’s because there’s a group of people toiling away to ensure that any given app’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. UX/UI developers are red hot right now around Philadelphia, and they command top dollars. UX/UI programmers in the region bring home about $68K a year, lower than the national average.


As a UX/UI developer, you work in a border area that spans creativity and technical know-how. Pick up training in wireframing and prototyping, as you use those skills every day you work as a UX/UI designer. Get used to the development cycle, which guides your work and keeps the team on the same page. And work on your soft skills like communication, which you use much more often than you might expect to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Web Developer


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Bring the latest web tech to your employer’s sites, and make serious cash.


The world wide web is here to stay, and the sites that inhabit it require constant updating and revamping to keep them fresh and functional. Philadelphia businesses rely upon web developers to design the sites that run their businesses, and they’re happy to throw money at anyone who has the right skills. Web software engineers make between $45K and $96K or more in Philadelphia, compared to the national rate of $105K.


Web developers work with languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and Java, so start studying those and other popular codes. Don’t skimp on the independent work, which always impresses hiring managers. Create coding projects on your own—they don’t have to be fancy, but they should increase in complexity the more you learn—to begin building a portfolio.


And there you go, my eager techfolk. Philadelphia, PA has plenty of openings for the technically minded person, but some information technology professions are more in demand than others. Our look at Philadelphia’s top tech careers shows you the skills that businesses need and will pay through the nose to acquire.


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