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As a current or hopeful tech industry worker, you want to find a gig that pays well and challenges you. But tech needs vary by region or city, as local industry demands require different skill sets. So, what are the most in-demand skills in Philadelphia, PA, for someone who wants to have a rewarding tech career? Knowing which tech skills in Philadelphia are hot right now will allow you to shape your resumé so that it catches the eyes of hiring managers.

Worry not, my inquisitive buddy. Our guide to the top skills in the city of Philadelphia will help you pick and choose among the abilities that will land you the best jobs. We show you which skills set you up for a lifetime of success and a rapid rise up the ladder. With these skills under your belt, the top tech gigs will beat a path to your door.

Cloud Computing

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I’m Master of the Clouds!

When you look at some of the best-paying tech gigs around Philadelphia, you probably hear variations of the term cloud computing. Thanks to modern network speeds and advances in storage and processing, using remote resources is common in today’s computing world. Philadelphia businesses large and small rely on cloud computing to keep the numbers crunching and the cash flowing, and folks who know how to control the mysterious cloud are in high demand.

To be competitive in cloud computing, pick up skills that relate to network development and management, such as router and switch management. Additionally, learning all about Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, two of the most popular cloud services, will give you the solid background that hiring managers like to see. A little study is all you need to get in on the ground floor of this up-and-coming career.

Business Intelligence

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Checkmate, Business.

Business intelligence (BI) is rapidly changing the way businesses approach customer relations and product development. Thanks to BI, companies can get quick feedback on product performance and adjust their policies and platforms to better meet the needs of their client base. If you have BI analyst skills, Philly tech companies want you on their team.


You’ll do best with a toolkit that leans heavily on information management abilities. That means getting good at SQL Server and MySQL as well as diving into data collection and processing concepts. And, perhaps most importantly, the more you know about the Systems Development Lifecycle, the more valuable you are as a potential employee. You can pick up the skills for this career without a degree in computer science.


A person wearing VR goggles while drawing on a white board

Not the sort of virtualization that involves eyewear, unfortunately.

“Virtualization engineer” might sound like someone who gets to spend their working hours flying a starship in VR space, whooshing around and solving problems with their trusty toolkit. And that’s absolutely right—except for the spaceship, which is actually more of a chair in front of a computer. Also, you work on creating virtual machines and storage spaces, which sounds less glamorous but is a skill set that Philly companies crave in their employees.

Virtualization shares some characteristics in common with cloud computing, and having similar skills, such as a knowledge of networking, will help you succeed in the job. Bone up on the most popular virtual platforms like VMWare and Hyper-V, as these are the bread and butter of virtualization specialists. While you can make a fine living specializing in either Hyper-V or VMWare, the job seekers who can utilize both solutions are the most attractive to employers.

Data Science

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Fascinating. The data look so different through the microscope.

Another hot trend in business relates to the notion of data science. Data science is the art of utilizing data of all sorts to make better business decisions. Data science and the folks with the chops to compete in the field help companies find the right market for their product and the right product for the market. Philadelphia area is on a data science kick right now, and if you’ve got the background, they want your brain on their side.

Get ready to pick up a few books or log onto a few instructional sites to get your data science chops. Learn about statistics and probability, and try to develop your programming skills; Python, SQL, Java, and TensorFlow are all excellent languages to study. As a data scientist, you will also work with database management, so it’s crucial to become a star in SQL Server, MySQL, and other popular database platforms.

And that’s the deal, Philadelphia techfolk. To compete in the modern job market, you need to focus on the top skills in Philadelphia tech. Our guide examines the tech skills in Philadelphia that can put you head and shoulders above the competition and rocket your career into the stratosphere.

Do you have any thoughts on what tech skills in Philadelphia are in demand ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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