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Horizons School of Technology is the leading software engineering bootcamp for top college students and recent graduates. Over a summer of coding and educational seminars, students will become masters of technology as they learn from the industry’s leading professionals. Horizons School of Technology is one of the most prestigious coding bootcamps in the world with a highly rigorous admissions process. However, for those who do may the cut, the rigorous academics of the program afford major payoffs and professional connections.

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The curriculum at Horizons School of Technology is rigorous and fast paced. Students learn a variety of coding concepts from the best professionals in the industry, all while using the most cutting edge technology available. The curriculum at Horizons is routinely updated to match current industry standards.   Horizons School of Technology curriculum includes JavaScript Fundamentals, Front End Web Development, Backend Web Development, Web Security, Databases, Scaling, Performance, Front End Frameworks, Mobile and Desktop App Development, and Interview Prep.

As referenced above, there are two different programs available. The program for high school students lasts 7 weeks from June to July and the program for college students last 10 weeks from June to August. Days are fast paced and intense during the program, a typical day at Horizons School of Technology may look something like the following. 9:00 AM marks the start of the day with interactive and live coding focused lectures. At 11:00 AM, students warm up with solo coding. At 12:00 PM, students break for lunch. At 1:00 PM, students begin pair programming activities as they work on a variety of interactive projects. At 6:00 PM, students have the option to attend a “Code with the Pros” session, where they learn best practices and watch professionals code through complex problems. 8:00 PM, students grab dinner and unwind as they prepare for the next day.

Horizons School of Technology is dedicated to the career success of its students. For this reason, Horizons works with students on a one-on-one level to help them obtain jobs and build their portfolios to be the best that they can be.   Horizons School of Technology has a wide variety of successful alumni hailing from some of tech’s biggest companies. These companies include Apple, Amazon, Uber, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Paypal, NBC Universal, Capital One, and many more.

Tuition for the 10 week college student program is $11,500, while tuition for the 7 week high school program is $7,000. Horizons School of Technology offers a highly selective fellowship which pays the cost of tuition and housing. It’s important to note that only 5-8% of students are accepted into the fellowship program. Horizons also offers a partnership with lender Climb Credit.   Horizons School of Technology offers a unique payment option for those looking to join the software development workforce after college. With the Apprenticeship Plan, students pay nothing up front. Instead, Horizons will help students obtain a job after program graduation in exchange for a higher tuition cost to be paid after the student obtains the job. These fees will be paid over the students first year of working. Students who obtain a 5 figure job will owe $15,000 and students who obtain a 6-figure salary will owe $20,000.

Programs Pace

Full-time, Part-time, Self-paced

Programs Available

Full Stack

Financing Options

Upfront, Financing

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