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GreyCampus offers a project management course that helps students learn the intricacies of the field in a short-term and intensive program.  The company offers programs in a variety of American cities, along with online courses available virtually everywhere. GreyCampus also has a location here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


GreyCampus offers bootcamp courses for individuals, but it also offers group programs.  Group programs like the Project Management Institute are popular with companies trying to add new skills to their workforce.


One of the goals of the GreyCampus program is to provide an engaging and well-rounded education to help professionals gain the certifications they need to move up in their careers.  GreyCampus curriculum is available to students along with a strong peer and student-teacher network, aiming to provide relevant education with a solid support structure.

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GreyCampus curriculum is up-to-date and diverse, as it covers the latest in industry practices for each field.  Due to the wide range of course offerings, many people who are looking to advance their careers can find a course at GreyCampus in Philadelphia.  Some programs offered by GreyCampus in-person and online include the flagship project management course, a quality management course, a DevOps course, and the IT Service Management program.  Additionally, many more specialized career training programs are available on different (and often shorter) scheduled.   GreyCampus also offers certification courses.  Some certification courses they offer include ITIL foundation certification and training, PMP certification, AWS certification, and more.  Certification courses are generally short-term, and sometimes help fill requirements made by employers and hiring managers.

GreyCampus offers programs with a wide range of scheduling options, as well as flexible online programs for students who choose not to attend the in-person course.  Schedules vary widely between programs as well, running anywhere from a day to 4 times a week for multiple weeks.

GreyCampus has multiple well-known corporate partners, who they work with to train and place candidates and employees.  Companies like Caesars, Time Warner Cable, Cisco, and Amazon work with the company for a variety of training and hiring reasons.  However, the target market for GreyCampus programs are employed professionals looking to improve their skills. Job placement numbers aren’t available, because they don’t pertain to the primary goal of the program.  

GreyCampus offers a wide range of programs.  As a result, tuition prices vary considerably between courses.  On the low end, some classes cost as little as $99 (or less), while the full-fledged bootcamps cost around $2,000 and up.  GreyCampus, unlike some other programs, offers a 100% refund guarantee. Students who are dissatisfied with the program can request a full refund, which isn’t common in most education programs.

Programs Pace


Programs Available

Data Science, Cybersecurity

Financing Options

Upfront, Financing

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    November 11, 2019 at 8:08 pm

    It was a great chance to be one of the lucky learners at Udacity.
    I have learned a lot, especially in Mobile training track.
    It also helped me in developing my career and improving my experience.
    And that gave me a good chance to compete and challenge.

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