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When you decide to start a career in tech and embark on that path by attending a bootcamp or studying on your own, it’s important to select a field in high local demand. You’re going to spend time and effort in developing the skills you need to compete, and you want to make sure that the expertise you cultivate is right for Philadelphia. To start your journey, you need to learn which high paying jobs in Philadelphia are perfect for the hopeful tech worker. Having a good idea of the best paying jobs in Philadelphia tech gives your studies purpose and direction.


Our guide shows you the way through the darkness and arms you with the information that can determine your career track. We show you how to turn your computer smarts into hard cash and job satisfaction. Not all of these jobs require college degrees. We’ve done the research for you on top jobs in Philadelphia tech and have the answers that can boost your prospects and turn you into a money-making, high-tech machine.


Network Architect


Graphic representation of a network
Those invisible webs that bind us all…


Before you seek out your first technical job interview, it’s crucial to set your sights on a field that never goes out of style. If you find a technical field that’s always essential to modern business, and you develop skills relevant to that field, you can write your ticket for the rest of your career. That’s where network architecture comes into play. Networks make Philadelphia’s business world turn. You can cash in on that by becoming a network architect.


Network architects design and implement computer networks both large and small. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Network Architect can make up to $109,000 a year. On the other hand, Network Architechs at Philadelphia can earn $120K or more in a year, which is more than the average annual salary in the United States for this profession. A good architect creates flexible network structures that, at the lowest cost and highest quality possible, expand with the business and provide communication and security. To land a network architect gig, get ready to study theory and equipment. Cisco and Sun certifications will give you a huge leg up and the necessary tools for your work.


Software Developer


Two women work on a computer
Unless the world suddenly no longer needs apps, software developers will always be in fashion.


Your search for high-paying jobs in Philadelphia will likely lead you to one of the many careers that employs software development skills. That’s because we live in a business environment reliant on software. If you want to find a job in Philadelphia that pays you big bucks, start studying programming languages and the development process.


Many businesses rely on software, and Philly businesses are no exception. Folks with solid programming chops will always have a job that pays between $90K and $130K a year if they want one, and all it takes is a bit of sustained effort on your part. You can find lots of free online resources to get you the training you need in as little as 30 days, and Philadelphia also has excellent bootcamps, such as those offered by Thinkful and UPenn.


Data Engineer


A laptop displays charts
Data is king.


Philadelphia’s businesses require constant feedback and information to allow them to adjust to changes and divergent needs in the marketplace. Data engineers meet the modern need for information, and they design and create the necessary infrastructure to gather and analyze the data as it arrives. Data engineers work hand in hand with data scientists to ensure that companies get the most out of the available information. 


You’ll get paid handsomely as a data engineer and will see average salaries in excess of $110K a year. To qualify for the highest paying jobs in data engineering, you’ll need to get lots of practice working with the architecture and understanding how to store and analyze data in real-time. Top data engineers have knowledge of database manipulation and can work with SQL Server, MySQL, and other platforms. It’s also a good idea to verse yourself in analytics based on Apache Hadoop, such as Hive, MapReduce, and HBase.


CIS Managers


A man holds a phone and works on a laptop
Show those computers who’s boss.


Do you have a CIS degree or experience as a programmer and feel stuck in your current role? Are you the sort of person who enjoys working on big-picture ideas and guiding junior staff to work as a team and achieve goals? You may be right for a role as a CIS manager. A company with a good CIS manager can get anything done with the right resources, and Philadelphia companies will pay plenty to snag one.


As a CIS manager, you can expect to earn between $110K and $140K a year, and some companies pay much more. A developer with lots of experience can make the leap even without a CIS degree, too. If you have the smarts and ambition, you can land the job. The gig requires management skills, of course, and you should also know the development world inside and out.


And there you go, interested tech workers. Philadelphia runs on high tech, and the top jobs in Philadelphia PA go to workers who have the right technical abilities. Our guide familiarizes you with high-paying jobs in Philadelphia tech and ensures that you know how to develop the chops to compete for them. If you’re interested in knowing the most in-demand skills in Philadelphia, check this article!


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