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As a Philadelphia techie, you live in an area with tons of exciting tech companies. But it’s essential to pick an up-and-coming field when you start planning out your career. Having an idea of the fastest growing industries in Philadelphia gives you a leg up on the competition. When you’re familiar with the top tech fields in Philadelphia, you can pick a career that will remain in-demand for years to come.


This article helps you find out all about the best Philadelphia tech industries and shows you what sort of training you need to compete in your field. In this guide, you’ll learn how jumping into healthcare, game design, networking and security, or web design are winning choices. With our assistance, your job hunt will be a short one, and you’ll never have to worry about unemployment.




A stethoscope next to a laptop
Keep the Boomers healthy, and get a fat paycheck.


Thanks to the large pool of Baby Boomers out there, healthcare is a growth industry that shows no signs of slowing. Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in Philadelphia, and every year sees the establishment of more clinics and research labs. If you have the right tech skills, you can find a home for yourself in healthcare. It’s a sure way to guarantee yourself a regular paycheck.


Software development is a huge part of healthcare nowadays, and folks with coding skills will find a welcoming environment and high pay. As a healthcare coder, you’ll create the software that runs all kinds of medical equipment. To be competitive, learn Python, Java, R, Biopython, and CSS for starters. Don’t be afraid to branch out into other programming languages, too.


Game Design


A game controller
Turn your gaming passion into a gold mine.


Seems like this whole “video games” thing is gonna stick around for at least the next year or so, so you might as well get in on the fun. Philadelphia has a thriving game development community and is home to a wide variety of companies that design games. Folks with a passion for designing and playing games will love this field. Best of all, you’ll rake in the pay and will never hurt for a job if you want one.


The key to game design is creativity, so start working on personal projects to hone your skills and boost your creative juices. The more programming languages you know as a game designer the better, but C++ and Java are a must. Get to know all about the development cycle, too—you should know it inside and out and have a firm grasp on how to work as a team toward an end goal.


Networking and Security


A laptop, mouse, book, and smartphone locked in chains
Keep companies safe, and enjoy high pay and job security.


Today’s business community includes some shady characters. There are lots of folks out there who are drooling over the notion of getting their mitts on proprietary and personal data, and companies need someone like you standing watch. Philly has some top-notch network security firms that would love to have you as an employee. With a little study, you can ensure the baddies can’t get to the information while improving local networking.


Network engineers will find this field to be a lucrative one. You should pick up a few of the basic Cisco and Sun certifications to give yourself a firm foundation, and then it’ll be time to focus on security training. Both Sun and Cisco offer security-based certifications to accompany the usual ones, and studying for the exams will expose you to lots of practical, hands-on training.


Web Development


Web coding books next to a cactus
Every company needs a quality website, and you can cash in as a result.


If you open a web page and type “Philadelphia,” you’ll get thousands of hits for unique sites. All of these sites belong to Philly businesses, and they rely upon them to generate business and keep them in the black. Folks who have a handle on coding for the web will have no trouble finding a web design company in Philadelphia. If you’re a web whiz, this is your ticket to the big time.


To be an attractive job candidate, focus on learning the primary languages you’ll use in your work. HTML and CSS are the first two languages web developers usually learn, followed by Python, Java, and JavaScript. It’s also a good idea to pick up as much math as you can—you’ll use math nearly every day as a web coder. The more mathematics you know, the better you’ll be at your job.


And that’s the deal, people. Philadelphia is a fantastic place for the tech-oriented worker to live, but it’s crucial to pick an industry with plenty of growth potential. Our guide shows you the top tech fields in Philadelphia and gives you tips on how to train up and join these exciting professions.


Do you have any thoughts on the best Philadelphia tech industries? Let us know in the comments section below.


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